About Us

Beijing Eurovista Arts Promotion Co., Ltd. is founded in 2008, who has been committed to “serving the arts, pushing and promoting the development of culture and arts” for 12 years, and brought more than 1,000 classical concerts, jazz concerts, dance theatres and master arts workshops from Europe and America to audiences all over China. Eurovista unswervingly adheres to the artistic standards and is committed to cultivating and improving the appreciation of Chinese audiences. We do our best to gradually change the taste of China's elegant arts market, advocating the benign development of the arts market.

In 2012, Eurovista has officially become the general representative of the classical music brand “Schott Music Group” in China. In 2017, we expanded the agency business of Schott Music copyright in China. By the end of 2018, we have expanded the agency business of music copyright to music copyright agencies in Germany, Austria and the UK.

At the beginning of 2016, Eurovista started combining “German Orff-Original Music Education” and Stage Arts, which was introduced in China firstly. It was the first time that the German-Austrian Original “Orff” training system was introduced, which would develop music and dance education for children at the age 0-8 in China, and bring music to all families and make it a lifetime best friend of them. Thus to help improve and grow concert market in China, and to guide young generation walking into concert halls and theatres.

In 2017, Eurovista organized a 9-day winter masterclass study tour in Manhattan School of Music in New York. In August 2019, Eurovista organized Wuxi Children’s Palace Choir’s tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Since 2011, Eurovista has held an international training class teachers from China in The Kodály Pedagogical Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music for a continuous 6 years. Since 2014, Eurovista has held a training class for teachers from China in Mozarteum University of Music and Performing Art in Salzburg Carl Orff-Institut for 4 times.

On the tenth anniversary of the company's establishment, Eurovista successfully held the tour of China's Flute and Xiao Professor Zhang Weiliang with China Bamboo Flute Orchestra in Central and Eastern Europe in July 2018. From classical to modern Chinese music, wherever the tour went, it was warmly welcomed and praised by local audience. European artists use music to help the "Belt and Road" cultural exchange in practice, as well as the most representative and high-quality Chinese music to enhance the international influence of Chinese culture. We firmly believe that in the upcoming future, Chinese arts will make greater strides on the international stage and people all over the world can better understand Chinese culture, passing friendship on the bridge of music.