In July 2018, on the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Eurovista, we successfully held Chinese flute professor Zhang Weiliang and the China Bamboo Flute Orchestra’s tour in Central and Eastern Europe, holding seven unique concerts in the five countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

In 2019, the Wuxi Children's Palace Choir’s tour to Balkan Peninsula which was hosted by Eurovista, participating the special event "Belt and Road, The Communication of Public Will". The teachers and children returned to the embrace of the motherland with excitement and joy!

The composer and educationalist Carl Orff founded the Orff Institute in 1961 as the centre of elemental music and dance education at the Mozarteum University.

The 31st International Kodály Seminar will be held between 20 & 31 July, 2020.
The 34th World Conference for the International Society for Music Education is in Helsinki, Finland from August 2–7, 2020.

        The public lecture of 2015 Future Star International Arts Festival which was hold by Baotou Grand Theatre, Inner Mongolia Institute of Education, the Beijing Kodaly Society of Beijing Musicians Association and Beijing Eurovista Arts Promotion Co., Ltd. was successfully coming to an end. The Lectures were hold in a lot of primary school, high school and universities in Beijing and nearly 400 musical educators were there. The lectures and performances provided a new perspective of the worldwide musical education.

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