In June 2012, three of Canada’s greatest musicians/composers came together for the first time as a trio to undertake an ambitious project. The trio set off together to explore some of the highways and byways of contemporary classical music, jazz, and improvisation sometimes flavored by worldmusic.
For more than fifteen years, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra’s performances and recordings have been captivating audiences with a potent combination of emotional eloquence and infectious vitality. Their music-making has contributed to the ensemble’s reputation as a major exponent of Baltic and German Baroque music.

The MAV Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1945 by the Hungarian State Railways. Since then, it has developed a wide-ranging repertoire from music of the baroque era to works by contemporary composers, and is currently ranked among the best professional ensembles in Hungary. 

The ThreeX is a modern instrumental trio. From the beginning, the group’s original line-up – two violins and piano – has been an impulse to create their own arrangements and to compose their own pieces. Over time they also started creating complete original programs. The wide range of performed music styles and novel arrangement solutions are a distinctive feature of the trio. Combined with the musicians’ ingenuity and versatility of talent they determine the trio’s uniqueness.
“Théâtre à Tempo” is a non-profit organization founded in Quebec City in 2008. Its mission is to create and produce high quality multidisciplinary shows. In all of its creations, the À Tempo team focuses on using rhythm and movement in an original way. A Tempo also reserves a privileged place for clownish play, circus and body percussion in every one of its productions.
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