Manuschka & Michelino

Period of Coming Tour: Aug, 2020

Manuschka & Michelino

Poetic clown theater with lots of live music and sounding (or musical) juggling.
The contact with the audience and an improvisational freshness make the performance a special experience for young and old from 3 - 103.

Clown Michelino has finally found a wife! Clown Woman Manuschka loves the audience, the music and sweet chocolate, that she wants to have all to herself.

So misunderstandings and all sorts of strange complications do not stay out.

But the two outsmart and help each other with unexpected actions and solutions...

With it: not only the smallest instrument in the world, no - even the smallest orchestra in the world. In addition, flying hats and the most beautiful place in the world.

Previous performances of the duo M & M:

in children's villages kindergartens, schools, social projects and theatres in Austria, Germany, Italy, Romania and China.

Michel Widmer

Studied social pedagogic with focus on music and theatre and did guest studies of Music and Dance Education - Elemental Style at the Orff-Institute in Salzburg

He works with children, juveniles, adults, people with special needs, families and for teacher and educators training courses in many countries. Since 30 years he gives lessons at the Orff - Institute for instrument building, music and dance in social work and inclusive pedagogy , didactic and ensemble-lessons.

Since 35 years he works with different theatre groups for children and families and adults. He is performing as a clown and with his own „Theatre out of a suitcase“ in many countries for children and families. Since 24 years he is member of the „ClownDoctors“ at the children’s hospitals in Salzburg.

Dr. Manuela Widmer M.A./Austria

Instructress for Music and Dance Education - Elemental Style Orff-Schulwerk

Manuela studied Music and Dance Education - Elemental Style at the Orff-Institute (part of the Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts „Mozarteum“) in Salzburg, Austria and pedagogy at the University of Salzburg (Master degree and Doctoral degree about the Pedagogy of the Orff Institute). 

Manuela Widmer taught at the Orff Institute in Salzburg (1984 – 2013) developing works for study in Early Music and Dance Education together with a team of colleagues called „Music and Dance for children“.

Since nearly 40 years she works for teacher training courses all over the world.

She is an author of different books and articles for music and dance education.

The focal point of her work is the integration of people who are different handicapped or talented in the group work of the „Music drama - Elemental style“. This special type of creative work was developed by her father Wilhelm Keller and Manuela Widmer tries to continue and to extend this important work.

Also she was a close adviser for the clown career of her husband  Michel and finally is working on stage with him.