From Ancient Greek Philosophers toward Global Music Communities

Author:eurov | Source: | Issue Date:2012-08-07

——The trip of Chinese Society of Music Education Delegation to Greece to attend the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education


On 15th July, 2012, “the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education”, which was organized by International Society of Music Education, was hold in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece. Since the first ISME World Conference of 1953 was hold in Brussels of Belgium, this activity was convened every two years. This fabulous international music event is also called as “Olympics of the music education”. Especially the “29th ISME World Conference”, which was successfully hold in Beijing, has given rise to more understanding to the Conference for Chinese scholars and educators.  


This year, “the 30th ISME World Conference” is hold in Thessaloniki, Greece. In order to build an international communication platform for Chinese music educators, and to create better opportunities for them to exchange and study with other music educators all over the world, Chinese Society of Music Education (CSME) entrusted Beijing Eurovista Arts Promotion Co., Ltd. to organize a CSME delegation to Greece to participate in this event.


After preparing for almost one year, music educators and members of CSME from all over the country applied for the conference enthusiastically. Finally, a delegation under the leading of Mr. Wu Bin, who is also the Secretary-General of Chinese Society of Music Education, was constituted.


The delegation set out on July 12th , 2012, arrived in the capital of Greek, Athens on the 13th. After a short rest they came to Thessaloniki to attend the 30th ISME World Conference towards evening. During the four-day’s conference the teachers of Chinese delegation showed active participation: they took part in a series of workshops, observed the class of excellent music teachers from all over the world, attended a variety of academic symposiums and reports. Moreover, they understood more about the utilizing of didactics of Kodaly Zoltan, Carl Orff und Emile Jaques-Dalcroze in class and innovative teaching skills. Ms. Yang Lianlian and Ms. Yao Lan, teachers from Chinese delegation, was also invited to carry out music workshops, which introduced a pleasant application of Chinese folk music. Music educators and teachers of the Chinese delegation exchanged their experiences for music teaching with educators from all over the world, at the same time were they informed the latest trends and development of the music education worldwide. During the conference they also watched the brilliant performances of music groups from around the world. Furthermore, the head of the Chinese delegation Mr. Wu Bin was also invited to deliver a speech of the Gibson Award in the conference. Although five days passed away swiftly, all the teachers experienced a substantial agenda of the conference, from which they also benefited a lot.


After that, the delegation paid a visit to Italy and landed in Beijing on July 23, the trip ended successful.