Congratulations on the success of Deborah Armstrong’s piano recital with stories

Author: | Source: | Issue Date:2013-08-27
“Dear children, it is getting late. It's time for the Arabic prince to say goodbye, and we look forward to bringing you another wonderful trip with the prince.”

On August 19th, 2013, after the last lines of Sister Lotus the host, the kids were reluctant to leave the music hall. The performance in Suzhou ended with success, which drew a splendid conclusion to the Irish pianist Deborah Armstrong’s China tour.

As a major series of art performance for children delivered by Eurovista, the piano recital of Deborah Armstrong’s attracted more than 2000 kids in Beijing, Chengdu, Xuzhou and Suzhou. The Children appreciated the music with the help of interesting stories and lively cartoon. In this way, the classical music is less obscure and more vivified to them.

The recital was presented in several widely-known stories and beautiful pieces. In addition, more than 30 illustrations were provided to help the young audience better understand and appreciate the classical music.

During the recital, the kids interacted enthusiastically with the host, enjoyed the brilliant performance of Deborah Armstrong and the interesting pictures and cartoons at the same time. The use of multimedia made the classical music more attractive for the kids. They found it interesting and entertaining. They appreciated the music, and they loved the stories. After the recital, some of them presented flowers and gifts to their beloved pianist.

This recital is a successful effort to promote classical music. Children are the future of our country, and classical music helps to give them a pure heart and lead them to a sublime world. Eurovista will keep trying its best to present better concerts and provide a platform to appreciate high-quality music for more children.

This concert received the big support of Culture Ireland.