The European Visit by Chinese Musical Educators for the 27th International Kodaly Seminar

Author: | Source: | Issue Date:2013-09-02

Organized by Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute of Music, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and undertaken by Eurovista (Beijing) Arts Promotion Co., Ltd, the Chinese Kodaly Society’s attendance of the 27th International Kodaly Seminar was drawn to a successful ending. It commenced on July 19th, 2013 and concluded on August 5th, totaling 19 days.

In respond of the sincere invitation from Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute of Music, 18 musical educators from different levels of Chinese pedagogical institutes went to Hungary for the 27th International Kodaly Seminar & Art Festival, where they were joined by over 200 attendees from 33 countries. During their two-week stay, they accomplished 14hours of sight-singing,  11 hours of teaching method course, 11 hours of choral practice, 9 hours of conducting course, 9 hours of lectures and workshops, and one  model lesson for preschool children, one for 6th Grade, one for 11th Grade and one for college. These sessions added up to 63 hours. Also, the attendees took part in the various concerts there. Each concert featured different performance, ranging from chamber music, symphony to solo, chorus and light comedy.

Throughout the training, the attendees were exposed to the systematic and vigorous music education in Hungary. They were equally amazed by the professionalism of Hungarian music teachers, and the outstanding musical senses of Hungarian students. They realized that it was the long lasting music tradition that led Hungary to today’s prosperity in music education. And exactly by taking advantage of the rich cultural heritage, Kodaly brought the Hungarian music education even further to the world’s top level.

During their visit, the Chinese participants formed a much better understanding of Kodaly Method as well as the Hungarian way of music education. Also, they related what they learned to the domestic scene of music education, and had many meaningful discussions and reflections.

As requested by Mr. Yang Limei, the chairman of the committee, the visiting group had in-depth communications with many music education experts and scholars in Hungary, which included Mr. Michalis Patseas, current president of International Kodaly Society and Prof. László Norbert Nemes, current director of Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute of Music. Also, special gifts were sent to the institute as a token of gratitude.

Apart from the learning experience, the group also went sightseeing and feasted their eyes with the splendid views of the opera houses and the royal palaces in Budapest, the unparalleled beauty of Danube, the amazing Schonbrunn in Vienna and the filming location of the Sound of Music in Salzburg. Last but not least, they also went to honor the great musicians who now rest in the central cemetery of Vienna.

This group attendance of the 27th International Kodaly Seminar was a huge success, and would exert great influence upon Beijing’s music education sphere. The visit further straightened the partnership between the Beijing Kodaly Music Education Committee, the International Kodaly Society and the Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute of Music. More importantly, Chinese music educators were properly introduced to the globally-advanced music education theories and leaders of international music education, which perpared a brighter tomorrow of mutual benefit and close collaboration. 

At Outer Gate

At Inner Gate

In Budapest

In Vienna

Daily Choral Training

Learning Scene 1

Learning Scene 2

Learning Scene 3

Learning Scene 4




Conducting Pratise

Follow the Teacher


Parent-child Demo

Kindergarten Demo

6th Grade Demo

With Pedagogical Teacher Marianne

With Music History Teacher Soma

A Token of Gratitude

Receiving Certificate of Completion 

Mr. Liang & Mr. Patseas, President of International Kodaly Society

Mr. Liang with Director and Deputy Director of Kodaly Pedagogical Institute

Fair Ladies

Closing Ceremony