2015 Christmas collectif9 China Tour

2015 Christmas 

collectif9 brings you 3 amazing concerts.
Shanghai, Shenzhen and Zhongshan.
Dec.23 - Dec.25, 2015

A nine-piece string ensemble, collectif9 presents classical music with rock-style charisma, combining boldness and the highest of musical standards with amplifi cation and lighting. Bringing classical music to pop-culture audiences in diverse spaces, the group encourages interaction, facilitating dialogue with their listeners.

In their show Volksmobiles, collectif9 delivers an uncompromising selection of short pieces, often folk-inspired. From Gagnon to Golijov, passing though Brahms and Schnittke, the repertoire of the group is integral to its identity. Between bursts of energy and dreamlike states, many of the presented pieces are original arrangements, and have rarely been played on the same program. The result? The music of collectif9 reveals the unexpected.

Founded in Montréal in 2011, collectif9 already has a track record of dozens of concerts including large-scale performances at Club Soda, Rialto Theatre, and at Ottawa Chamberfest. In 2012, collectif9 introduced an innovative project of short videos, called LIVEshorts, broadcast over the internet at http://www.collectif9.ca – each live, unedited performance is produced in a unique setting.

During the 2015-2016 season, collectif9 will see the release of their debut album. Performances will bring the group across Ontario, New Brunswick, and China, and include an extensive tour throughout Quebec with the support of the Entrées en scène Loto-Québec program.