“Echoes of Heaven and Earth” China Concert Tour by Nederlands Kamerkoor

Biography Nederlands Kamerkoor

The Nederlands Kamerkoor exists over 75 years now, and has been one of the world’s top choirs for decades.The Nederlands Kamerkoor has been internationally praised by critics for its homogeneous sound and for the soloist quality of the singers. One of the choir’s missions is to keep choral music very much alive as an art form, by looking for new formats, by innovative commissions and exciting collaborations. It results in concerts that are not only perceived as beautiful, but that appeal to all senses. 

Education and participation are a vital part of the choir’s mission. The Netherlands has thousands of amateur choirs and numbers of youth choirs. The Nederlands Kamerkoor provides coaching, workshops, and ‘adopts’ choirs as supporting act for their own concerts. 

Besides their own concert series, the choir often collaborates with renowned ensembles such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, ASKO|Schönberg, La Fenice and Concert Lorrain. The choir has recorded over 75 CDs, of which multiple have been awarded. 

From August 1, 2015 Peter Dijkstra watches over the unique sound of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. The Nederlands Kamerkoor had Felix de Nobel as its first chief conductor. Uwe Gronostay, Tõnu Kaljuste, Stephen Layton and Risto Joost were his respective successors. Each of them gave the Nederlands Kamerkoor, and choral music in general, new, major impulses. 




The National Chamber Choir of the Netherlands is amongst the most famous chamber choirs worldwide, with a long history. Today's program is a selection of the repertoire that made them famous. Like Frank Martin's Songs of Ariel, which were written especially for the choir. You will also hear works from French composers like Debussy, Ravel and Francis Poulenc, who wrote his famous Christmas Motets for the National Chamber Choir.

The National Chamber Choir of the Netherlands is a great ambassador of contemporary music. Like the wonderful Echoes of Heaven and Earth by Guo Wenjing, which they performed numerous times all over Europe. They also have a special relationship with the work of the legendary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. The choir had two chief-conductors from Estonia, personally befriended with Pärt. Under the baton of another Baltic exponent, Sigvards Klava, the choir will certainly make these pieces sound authentic.

All in all, a program that mirrors the huge history of the National Chamber Choir of the Netherlands. Could there be a more wonderful way for the choir to make its debut in China?


Tour Schedule


19:30    July 28th,2016       Qingdao Grand Theater Concert Hall

19:30    July 30th, 2016      Shenyang Shengjing Grand Theater Concert Hall

19:30    July 31st, 2016      Dalian Exhibition Center Theater

19:30    August2th, 2016    Tangshan Grand Theater Concert Hall

19:30    August 4th, 2016   Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts

19:30    August 5th, 2016   Baotou Grand Theatre

19:30    August 7th, 2016   Guangzhou Opera House