2016 Future Star International Arts Festival

Performances from artists all over the world

During the festival, there will be many performances from different areas and countries. They include modern dance drama, chorus, piano quartet, and percussion instrumental ensemble and so on. The artistic groups will offer a different performance to Chinese audiences and allow them to enjoy a fascinating and diverse art.

Rich artistic activities

During the festival, there will also be educational and educating activities. The supervisor and conductor of artistic group will also introduce the experience of artistic group, songs of the concert, country, culture and arts of their nation.

Workshops and master classes are specially set in the festival to interact with the audiences, which will attract younger audiences and allow them to know more about the artistic groups of the festival. They also have opportunities find their potentials in Canadian dancing workshop, Netherlands chorus workshop, German Anna& Ines Walachowski Piano Duo and master classes etc.

The Cicada and the ant is adapted from the original fable of the French writer Jean de La Fontaine. Choreographer Francine Châteauvert combined her own experiences growing up in the country, and presented the simple poetry of rural life and the mystery insect world for the kids and the audience. Land is the carrier of all things, the basis for the survival of mankind. Humans settle on land, build houses, plant, work, sing, and harvest. The work portrays the image of farm life from seed to harvest and also manifests the hardship and pleasure. It makes the audience feel like being in the countryside. And insects become children’s friends, playing together. The ballet also gives viewers living in the city opportunity to be close to the earth, to the land.

Performance Information

Tianjin Grand Theatre       July 16th 15:00/ July 17th 10:30  Tianjin workshop

Harbin Grand Theatre       July 23rd 10:30 &15:00         Harbin workshop

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre     July 28th 19:30               Wuhan

Huanggang Poly Grand Theatre July 29th 19:30

Chongqing Poly Theatre      July 31st  19:30            Chongqing workshop

Dongguan Yulan Theatre      August 4th  20:00         Dongguan workshop

Nanjing Poly Grand Theatre    August 7th  19:30         Nanjing workshop

Hohhot Poly Theatre          August 9th  20:00         Hohhot workshop

Shanxi Grand Theatre         August 12nd  19:30        Taiyuan workshop

Beijing Comedy Theatre       August 16th/ 17th 19:30    

Weifang Poly Grand Theatre    August 18th 19:30

Shandong Grand Theatre       August 19th 19:30

Dalian Poly Theatre           August 21st 19:00         Dalian wokshop

 Nederlands Kamerkoor Netherlands—one of the most famous chorus all over the world (Featured Guest of Future Star 2016)The chorus has been established since 1987. During 78 years, it has been invited to perform in world-leading concerts and art festivals. Nederlands Kamerkoor sings a large variety of songs ranging from medieval songs to modern music, from unaccompanied A cappella to accompanied chorus. Nederlands Kamerkoor has cooperated with many famous orchestra such as Royal Dutch concert orchestra and orchestra de Paris, in the meantime, it is also the standing chorus of Amsterdam Concertgebouw. This time, they will bring a gift to all Chinese audiences—a Chinese song “the Echo of Nature” With the guidance of famous Latvian conductor Klava, we are expecting the chorus’ performance.


Performance Information


Qingdao Grand Theatre                         July 28th 19:30

Shenyang Shengjing Grand Theatre               July 30th 19:30

Dalian International conference Center Grand Theatre July 31st 19:30

Tangshan Grand Theatre                        August 2nd 19:30

Grand National Theatre                         August 4th 19:30

Baotou Grand Theatre                          August 5th 19:30

Guangzhou Grand Theatre                       August 7th 19:30

Guangzhou                                    August 6th   Workshop

Snow Queen Anna & Ines Walachowski Twin Piano (Germany)

Anna and Ines were born in Poland, and started learning music when they were four and six respectively. They dominated the field of Twin Piano in Germany and inspired audiences in the musical world. They have been invited to many famous music festivals and have been praised as “two musicians without any disadvantages” by Classic Today, and regarded as “confident, assertive, and determined musicians with strong personalities”. In this performance, illustrations are also presented to the young audiences to inspire them.

Performance information

Linyi Grand Theatre     August 6th

Shanxi Grand Theatre    August 10th

Xuzhou Concert Hall     August 12th

Harbin Grand Theatre    August 14th

Tianjin Grand Theatre    August 18th

Beijing Concert Hall     August 19th

Master Classes

Xuzhou              August 12th 

Harbin               August 14th

Tianjin               August 18th

 Pascal Meyer &Joint Venture Percussion Duo (Luxemburg)

In this concert, all the instruments are percussion instruments. Young artists including Zhang Xi, Meyer and Warnier will lead the young audiences to knock the door of music, enjoying the “songs” of the percussion instrument.

Performance Information

 Toco Madera Mexican Orchestra (Mexico)

This orchestra graduates from CEPEM Music School and was established in 1998. All members are youngsters aging from nine to seventeen. Percussion music including traditional and old music are the main tracks played by Toco Madera Mexican Orchestra. They have performed many concerts locally and internationally—in Canada, Denmark, Norway, Italy and China (in 2010). This time, they also included mysterious Maya and Aztecs instruments into the orchestra. They can play a wide range of music including classical music, pop music, traditional Mexican music and Latin American music. Young audiences could have a chance to enjoy the tracks played by the musicians at their same age and engage in Mexican music-making.

Performance Information

Shandong Grand Theatre        August 7th

Harbin Grand Theatre           August 10th/11th

Tianjin Grand Theatre           August 14th


Jinan    August 7th

Harbin   August 10th/ 11th

Tianjin  August 14th  Public rehearsal

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