BJM's performance tour in China


An internationally renowned repertory company, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal (BJM) has continued to grow with all the energy and spirit of exploration for which it has been known since its birth in 1972. Thanks to the enduring faith of Geneviève Salbaing and co-founders Eva Von Gencsy and Eddy Toussaint, this vitality has made its mark through the years. Since Louis Robitaille was nominated Artistic Director in 1998, BJM is now, more than ever, in tune with the times. While preserving the essence of the company, BJM works today with some of the most prestigious figures in the world of dance and contemporary ballet.

The word "Jazz" in the name is not only a simple form of music or dance,but also the jazz inspiration absorbed from classic ballet.
Through the performance and education activities,BJM has expanded its audience in the whole Canada and aboard. They encourage exploration and imagination to make their dance to be understand easily,and show passion of dance.This time in China they hope to arouse sympathy of Chinese audience,making dance to be the bridge of friendship between China and Canada.

Artistic Director
The artistic director of BJM is Mr. Louis Robitaille. 
Louis Robitaille was inspired to pursue a career in dance after being discovered at a high school dance performance in 1973. His natural talent attracted the attention of his physical education teacher Peter George, who was also a dancer with the Ballets Jazz de Montréal. Thanks to Mr. George’s intervention, he received a scholarship enabling him to take part in the BJM summer training program.

Along with Karen Kain, Frank Augustyn, David Peregrine and Evelyn Hart, he was an outstanding dance artist of his generation. He continued to dance and was appointed artistic director of BJM in 1998, where he redefined the company’s artistic approach without abandoning its unique nature. He created a very contemporary identity for the company, infusing it with new energy by commissioning works from internationally renowned choreographers. BJM is now known for explosive, sexy and original dance works that are highly accessible, admired for the excellent technique of the dancers and the quality of their performances. These distinctive, vibrant artists embody the very spirit of the company.

Introduction of the show

Rouge  (Red)

Based on original music by the brothers Grand, with a nod and a wink to traditional Amerindian music (throat singing, the sound of waves, the rustling wind, the cry of wild geese, rumbling thunder), this new piece for BJM by Rodrigo Pederneiras is an ode to resilience, a discreet tribute to Native peoples and their musical and cultural legacy. Underlying the work are themes of confrontation, the clash of cultures, power struggles between the dominant and the dominated, and what it means to belong to a community. Direct, genuine and raw, the dance is performed vigorously, at full throttle. The ensemble dances as a single entity, suggesting by the force of its impact the idea of escape or flight, a human migration, anxiety swelling with each new movement. Gathering momentum as they are carried away by the implacable rhythm of the music, the dancers convey drama and strength, a sense of urgency, of pain and separation, surging relentlessly toward a point of crisis until the excess of impulse and tension is exorcised, reaching at last a state of grace.

O Balcao De Amor (The Balcony of Love)

A comedy with free, erogenous and lovely ridiculousness.

Kosmos (Universe)

In this new work for BJM, the choreographer draws his inspiration from the world we live in, the frenetic pace of everyday urban life. His observations were the trigger for creating choreography inspired by the movements of crowds, moments of agitation, and the hustle and bustle of the city. Andonis searches for a counterbalance, bringing beauty to the fore and turning frenetic movement into a dance that brings people together in a joyous, liberating fashion. This is a dance based on clear movement, where a mingling clan of dancers must come to terms with the presence of others. Unlike the restrictions imposed by modern life, it is a moment for reconnecting, for releasing tensions, for coming together and letting go. Once again this work bears the distinctive BJM signature characterized by pure, festive energy, a celebration of humanity – its beauty and its creative force.

More information and web links for tickets:

Hong Kong Cultural Centre         2017.3.3-4      20:15


Shanghai Grand Theatre              2017.3.7         19:30


Nanjing Baoli Theatre      2017.3.11      19:30   


Wuhan Qintai Theatre      2017.3.14      19:30   


Henan Art Center           2017.3.16      19:30     


Zhuhai Grand Theatre               2017.3.19      20:00  


Chongqing Grand Theatre              2017.3.22      19:30 


Qingdao Grand Theatre              2017.3.26      19:30