DIDIER LALOY & S-TRES Trio 2014 China Tour

Performance Date
November, 2014

The Artists

Didier Laloy - accordion
Pascal Chardome - guitar, piano
Fred Malempré - percussion

Didier Laloy was 13 when he first touched a diatonic accordion, since that time he has grown into a master of the instrument and composer and is considered as one of the most active representatives of the diatonic accordion revival in Belgium and Europe. His easy and humorous onstage manner, his ability to tackle almost any musical genre from world to chanson, from contemporary music to projects for children, the subtlety of his playing and his never ending energy and enthusiasm have made him a highly sought after and appreciated musician in the contemporary Belgian musical scene: Tref, Trio Trad, les Déménageurs, Ialma, Panta Rhei, Marka, Perry Rose, Grouba, Milann&Laloy are his regular projects. 

He is also a member of the transeuropean accordion collective The Samurai. After years of such diverse collaborations and exchanges Didier Laloy stops a moment to share with us, through his compositions, some of the many emotions accumulated over the years of his rich musical life. S-Tres is a very human encounter where one thing leads to another and produces rough, spontaneous music without finery, full of tension between silence and explosion, a music tasting freedom. Open your ears to this bunch of nettles, dandelions and provocative wild flowers!

Official site: http://didierlaloy.be/

Press Reviews
“The wild body language of a rock musician blended with the grace of a ballerina in slowmotion...”
De Volkskrant, NL, 2009

“We have heard wonderful music by many talented accordionists. … We have names for each style, for each region, for each kind of music. But one was still missing, one outside all categories, and this one appeared in the person of Didier Laloy. But he does not play accordion, he plays Laloy.”
Etienne Bours, RTBF, Brussels

“…The one who by his like is called the innovator of diatonic accordion flies from one project to the next and juggles with music.”
S. Gerard, Brussels

Recommended Repertoire
1. Fly
2. Arabeaque
3. Mort à la grande roue („Death on the Big Wheel“)
4. 74/75
5. Condoleeza
6. Lisboa
7. Indian blues
8. Test 1
10. Dromadaire
11. Wiener Tango
12. D’
13. Papa Guyzing-7/4
14. 80

Links of Work
  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynZo30agPrw
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7nwzXsklro


This event is greatly supported by the Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Links: http://www.walbruchine.be/